Vray eyes researchs

Thanks for Samuel Poirier alias Vimmy for sharing some materials settings on cgfeedback.com: http://www.cgfeedback.com/cgfeedback/showthread.php?t=414

I decided to continue some old vray eyes render tests during my christmas holidays but this time in 3dsmax instead of Maya. I was finally able to have some interesting refraction on the side view which wasn't the case a while ago when I started experimenting vray. I still have a lot to learn so I'll probably make those eyes look better later.

Extra notes: I'm using sIBL to setup the environment and basic lighting and added a subtle vray light for the "squarish" highlight. The eye is also 24mm of diameter.

Some Trapdoor Inc. Projects

Here is some projects I've been working at Trapdoor Inc so Far. One of them is called Warp. This game has been released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. I did mostly effects but also some level art and lighting on this project using Unreal Engine 3. Big thanks to the team, this production was awesome!

For more informations: http://www.ea.com/warp

I also worked on a demo called Heist again using Unreal. This demo is all real-time. If you want to see the complete shot: https://vimeo.com/44393069

Effects Reel

Quick reel editing I made those last weeks based on effects I participated at Eidos Montreal and Trapdoor Inc.

Scott Eaton, Figure Sculpture course week 6

Cette semaine au programme, il fallait en premier lieu proportionner correctement un "mesh" de base selon une grille de distance entre des point important anatomique. Ensuite nous devions dessiner les muscles et repères osseux de façon sommaire pour finalement utiliser un "zsphere rig" pour poser le personnage correctement. À noté que les mains et les proportions générales seront modifier dans les semaines suivante.

// This week on schedule we had to proportionate correctly a base mesh based on a length reference guide on important anatomic landmarks. We then had to sketch those in a basic way and finally use a zspheres rig to pose the character correctly. Please note that the hands and overall proportions will be addressed in upcoming weeks.

Scott Eaton, Figure Sculpture course week 5

Cette semaine, nous devions exécuter une jambe droite, pliée ainsi que ces os au niveau du genoux. Voici les résultats:

//This week we had to execute a straigth leg, bent and the bones on the knee part. Here are the results:

Scott Eaton, Figure Sculpture course week 4

Cette semaine on devait se concentrer sur la main. Nous devions tirer profit de notre propre main comme modèle. Voici mes résultats.

// This week we had to concentrate on the hands. We had to take advantage of using our own hands as reference. Here are the results.

Scott Eaton, Figure Sculpture course week 3

Cette semaine, dans le cadre du cours d'anatomie, on devait se concentrer sur le bras. SVP, veuillez excuser que mon attention aura été portée d'avantage sur le bras que sur la main :). Voici donc le bras en 90 degrés, "supination" et "pronation" ainsi qu'une extension "pronation".

// This week we had to concentrate on the arm. Please excuse the lack of attention the hand received since I was focusing mainly on the arm itself. :) Here is a 90 degrees supinated and pronated as well as a pronated extended arm.

Et voici une séquence animée:
// Here is an animated sequence:

Scott Eaton, Figure Sculpture course week 2

Je viens de terminer le devoir de la 2ieme semaine. Il s'agit de faire le torse à différent angles de rotation bras à l'articulation scapulo-humérale.

// Just finished week 2 assignment. We had to model a second torso but this time at different angle of rotation on the scapulo-Humeral articulation.

Et voici une séquence animée:
// Here is an animated sequence:

Scott Eaton, Figure Sculpture course week 1

J'ai commencé il y a quelque jours déjà un cours d'anatomie appelé "Figure Sculpture" donné par Scott Eaton. Jusqu'à maintenant j'apprécie beaucoup et j'ai hâte de voir la suite. Voici un exemple du devoir pour la première semaine.

// A few days ago, I started an anatomy course called Figure Sculpture by Scott Eaton. I really enjoy the course so far. Can't wait to see what's up next! Here is an example assignment I had to do on the first week.